This event was apart of Seattle Beer Week 2018. Check out this year's events.

05/12 from 05:00 PM-01:00 AM

at The Growler Guys- NE Seattle

FREMONT vs GEORGETOWN ~ The Battle for Home Town Pride. Big Brewery Battel #1. HARDCORE LEISURE GAMES…Dunk Tank Edition. (“FVGTBFHTPBBB1HLGDTE” for short). BEER: A Battel Royale with a head-to-head taste challenge featuring 5 Beers from each brewery. Same night customer voting via printed ballot with winner announced at 12 midnight. LEISURE GAMES: Guests joins a “G” or “F” team, then everyone competes hardcore in multiple leisure activities, the Winner vanquishes her (willing) Loser to the DUNK TANK! Also: Dunk a (willing) beertender, GG bar owner and (willing) politicians for local, charitable causes. Heated towels & extra suits provided for the bold. Other O.G. Seattle Breweries each have a handle of their finest this night: BIG TIME, HALES, MARITIME PACIFIC & PIKE. Naturally, some great swag available.