Cloudburst Mai Tai Monday

This event was apart of Seattle Beer Week 2017. Check out this year's events.

05/08 from 05:00 PM-08:00 PM

at The Pine Box

Put on your Hawaiian shirt and hang with the Cloudburst Brewing gang for a quick afternoon in the sun(hopefully) and a tasty Mai Tai.

Maybe we'll even have some beers?
On Tap From Cloudburst:

Market Fresh Saison
Batch 11: Pineapple & Pink Pepperberry
Our Eleventh rendition of the Market Fresh Series, we used pineapple flesh & puree and a half-pound of cracked pink pepperberries. The sweet, tropical fruit-forward flavors balanced out a dry and slightly peppery finish.
7.0% abv, 18 IBUs

Verse Chorus Verse IPA
Hop, Rinse, Repeat
We brew the IPA. You drink the IPA. And you’ll think you’re happy. We make another IPA. You drink another IPA. And it will make us happy. We’re going back to our roots on this one - with lots of tropical and citrus notes from a blend of our two favorite hops - Citra and Mosaic. Feels so good to feel again.
7.3% abv, 65 IBUs

Happy Little Clouds
A Bob Ross inspired Dry-Hopped Pilsner
We believe everyday is a good day when you brew. Start out, by believing here. A little touch of pilsner malt here, a little push of German and American hops there, caressed very gently layer after layer after layer. There are no limits here.
5.2% abv, 32 IBUs

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